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Is This You?

You are a hard worker. A stellar employee. A pro.

Your job is important to you

You are courageous, daring and wicked smart. Yet you are experiencing difficulties navigating your workplace. This is not your fault. Whether it is an unspoken sexist culture, a not-so-gentle nudge toward the mommy track, a jerk of a boss, a dismissive HR department, or a general lack of compassion or humanity, your employer is not supporting you. You are worried. You are tired. You may be mad. You feel alone, misunderstood and disrespected.

You need an advocate. You need Delvaux Law. 

It's time to take action

Legal Representation

Businesses have to follow the rules. The rules are there to keep us all safe and secure. When businesses stop following the rules, we have no choice but to draw a line in the sand and take a stand. This is hard. It takes guts. But the alternative is to go away quietly and let the company continue violating the law. 

It’s time to take action. You can’t self-care yourself out of this. You are in this situation whether you like it or not, and the only way is to let them get away with this, or to stand up for what’s right.

Do not tolerate illegal action. Resist. Persist. Do not remain silent. Do not let them win. 

Ready to learn how to advocate like a lawyer?

The Mamattorney Academy

Have you noticed how no one has ever taught you about your rights at work? And we mean ALL of your rights, because we promise you that you have more rights than you think you do. Let’s change that! 

Join our Academy and learn what your rights are and how to advocate for yourself while protecting your professional track. Using the law as a tool, you will become empowered to propel yourself into a life on your own terms. Learn how to transform this knowledge into ACTION. 

The Academy provides all of Daphne’s secrets, provided through videos, checklists and handouts. It also provides step-by-step “how to” scripts and tools so you can succeed as a woman in the workforce. It has scripts to give notice of pregnancy, ask for maternity leave, set up a pumping plan, request equal pay and address discrimination or harassment. Connect with other powerful women who are educated advocates through community and support.

Simply seeking advice?

1:1 Consultation

On fairly good terms with your employer and do not want to file a lawsuit? Just have a few quick questions?  You can book a paid consultation with Ms. Delvaux. Before you book, please know Ms. Delvaux’s consultancy rate has been set by the Judiciary at $400/hr. Fill out our intake form to be directed to our 1:1 Consultation booking form.

The consultation rate is not negotiable but will be prorated based on time spent. If this is too expensive, please join the Mamattorney Academy or visit our FREE blog.

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