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Before you can hire us, we first need to investigate whether you have a case. When you submit your form, please be complete and transparent. As a potential client, all information you provide to us is CONFIDENTIAL. Your information is kept on a secure system and will never be shared outside of our firm.

What to expect after you submit your form


We will ask follow-up questions and may ask you to send documents. Make sure you have all your evidence ready to go. These communications are privileged.


We will connect over a phone call. These calls are FREE, even if we do not end up working together.


If it is a YES for both of us, we will send you a retainer. After we have an attorney-client relationship, we will open your file, get started on your case, and you will have unlimited access to legal advice.

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Do you want to connect? Not sure what you need? Generally overwhelmed by all of this legal stuff and just want someone to tell you what to do? Get in touch!

Intake Form

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the payment structure? 

We are contingency fee lawyers and charge 40% of the final resolution of your case. You do not pay us any money out of your own pocket. We do not win if you do not win. This incentivizes us to maximize profit and also prevents delays. The law recognizes that victims of discrimination, retaliation, harassment or wrongful termination do not have funds laying around to pay for expensive lawyers. You have bills to pay, we get it. The contingency fee structure allows us to take the financial factor out of your decision to hire a lawyer. The structure also means you will never receive a bill for thousands of dollars of attorney’s fees. Ms. Delvaux’s hourly rate is $500/hr, but you will not pay it, your employer will.

2. 40% seems like a lot. It seems like I can make more on my own by filing an EEOC or DFEH case. Why do I need a lawyer? 

The same reason you need a brain surgeon and shouldn’t do your own brain surgery. Those who represent themselves end up losing. Employment litigation is a niche and complex discipline that takes years to master. It is a complicated field that is constantly evolving. We have seen workers who represented themselves ruin their own cases, or even worse, end up owing their employers thousands of dollars. Whenever I see an EEOC result it is usually only a few thousands of dollars. You would never see the kind of massive settlements and verdicts in the EEOC system. California law allows us to recover our fees through your employer. This means that your case will immediately become more valuable because of attorney time incurred on the case. We can promise you that you will recover much more through a contingency fee structure than representing yourself in a DFEH or EEOC charge. The DFEH and EEOC are government entities and are not your allies. They are overstaffed and are neutral about your recovery. Lawyers are ethically bound by the fiduciary duty to represent your best interests.

3. Where do you practice? 

We only accept cases on behalf of workers in California, because we are licensed in California. However, if you are outside of California, we will likely know someone in your state and you can still submit a form. We are plugged into a vast network of attorneys who share the same values as us. There are a lot of scammers in our field. There are a lot of lawyers who do not actually litigate a case, but just try to wrap it up in quick and low value settlement. We know how to discern good lawyers from scammers.

4. Will my case end up on the bottom of a never-ending pile of cases? 

Our firm is different. We do not accept any and all cases just because we may make a quick buck. We are selective of cases. This is not because you do not have a good case. It is because we do not look at your case as merely a potential to make a profit. We look at your case as an opportunity for us all to go on a journey to achieve justice. Most other lawyers will accept cases as long as there is a payout, but once retained, will actually pay minimal attention to the case and have law clerks and paralegals do the work. We provide personal and prompt attention to all of our clients. For us to be able to provide high quality legal representation, we need to keep our caseload low.

5. What can I expect during the intake process? 

We will connect with you to see if we are a good fit. During the course of a case, we will be interacting frequently and we have to work well together.

We can promise you that this is the best recipe for success: us working as a top-notch team in combination with us having the bandwidth to fully work your case. You will see that us working together as a kickass team is the way to maximize profit. And we might actually have some fun! We approach our cases through a true partnership perspective: We help you and you help us. These cases can be very labor-intensive. You do not want a lawyer who would accept any case. You want a lawyer who has the time and bandwidth to give your case the attention it deserves. If we accept your case, it means we truly 100% believe that you can be vindicated, and that you are worthy of thousands or even millions of dollars of recovery for the injustice you experienced at the hands of your employer.

6. I feel so defeated. I don’t have a fight left in me, and I want to give up. 

We know, we know. You are tired. You don’t want to deal with the legal system. Here’s the deal: for some of our clients, litigation is a therapeutic experience, while others do not enjoy reliving their hardest days. But we promise you this: we will be there for you, taking deep breaths with you, getting angry with you, feeling sad with you, and eventually, celebrating with you. It may be one of the hardest things you will do, but it may also be the one of the most rewarding things you will do. You will tell your grandchildren. You will write about it in your book. You will have a story for the rest of your life. You will go to bed, every day until your last day, knowing that you did not let them silence you, you did not let them get away with this, you did your part to make this a just and fair society. And who knows, you may be having these thoughts in a mansion you own. Who is rich and powerful now?!

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