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Learn how to advocate for your rights at work!

The motherhood tax is real. The pay gap still exists. Too many women are forced out of jobs. It’s time to change that.

I’m on a mission to educate every woman on her rights at work. You probably have more rights than you think you do. You CAN advocate for yourself in a way that is well-received and protected. You CAN successfully combine a family life with your job. You do NOT have to compromise your health, your time at home, or your career growth. You just need to know your rights, and how to use them.

Maximize your bonding time. Address concerns without fear of losing your job. Hold that baby close without losing your job. Heal your body, take care of your mental health and get paid your worth.

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I hear the same stories every day

Too often, these employers don’t actually know the law. And I am not okay with that.

Your employer does not want you to know your rights because it may lead you to demand more from them. It could mean a higher salary, more time off, or a serious culture change.

There is too much incorrect and misleading information about our rights, and women don’t know who to trust anymore.

For instance: some states have more generous paid leave frameworks than others. The problem is, almost all employers get it wrong.

Let's change that. I'm a working mom of two. I get it. I've been there. I've got you.

Imagine if ...

This is for you if...

You want to express your needs at work in an empowered, educated and professional way

Too often I see women longing to express their needs at work but hit a critical obstacle: they are worried to “rock the boat.” This makes sense. We have been taught to keep our head down and just work. And we NEED our jobs. Learn about your rights, receive SCRIPTS for specific interactions written by an employment attorney, and gain the confidence to assert your rights and needs while protecting your career.

You are confused about parental leave laws

The rules of parental leave are VERY confusing. There are federal leave rights, and state leave rights. Employers are not providing the right type of leave, and women are not requesting the right type of leave. I have seen too many women take short leaves or leave money on the table because they just did not know their rights. With a new baby, every day counts.

You are pregnant, but expected to work like you are not pregnant

You feel pressured by the demands of your workplace, but at the same time, you worry about the impact of all this stress on your baby. You want to express your needs, but are worried you will be penalized. You do not want to let your team down. You feel stuck between a demanding workplace and your motherhood journey. You are tired of just getting through the day. You want to truly enjoy the day.

You are being pushed on the “mommy track”

You are being penalized for having children and a career. Your employer seems to think you are less valuable, less committed or less interested in the work. You feel held back, like your employer put the brakes on your professional advancement. You know that you can do both, if only they would trust you. You feel betrayed and want to learn how to fight power with power.


The Mamattorney Academy

You may be overwhelmed trying to figure out your rights at work. You may be tired of not getting straight answers. You may have talked to HR but left more confused. You may be frustrated that you have so much on your plate. You may be drowning in responsibilities.

Let us help you. Let us take this burden off your shoulders.

Us women, we have to support and help each other.

Join the Academy.

What it Includes


The videos include workshops on rights during and after pregnancy, equal pay, communicating with HR, and more. The videos are short and to the point. We know that you’re busy and tired. We will also host 2 LIVE video calls per month: one “campfire” for community and support, and then a workshop where we tackle difficult work-related topics.


Not sure how to approach your managers when you need to give notice or ASK for something? I will provide scripts you can copy/paste into your emails with your managers. For example, scripts to announce a pregnancy, set a maternity leave plan, protect your job when you return to work, request accommodations, equal pay, or report misconduct at work.

Community Support

Do you feel alone and unsupported? Combining motherhood with a career can be a lonely experience. We do not usually feel safe expressing how we REALLY feel. Connect with others who are walking the same path in our exclusive Facebook group. You can share your authentic truth and receive and offer support.

Here is all the information you will receive:

Self-Advocacy Portal:

This is where we will get you in the mindset to feel worthy of a workplace that respects your rights. Lessons include: Trusting Your Inherent Power, Reframing Guilt & Fear, Unlearning “Yes Girl” Mentality, Owning Your HELL NO. We will boost your confidence, unpack and heal prior workplace betrayals, and transform from self-sacrifice to self-empowerment.

Advocacy at Work Portal:

This is where you will learn the ins-and-outs of communicating with management. Lessons include: Advocate Like a Pro, Crushing HR Meetings, Taking a Stand, Investigations, and More. It will also have scripts & workshops, teach you how to make a request in a strategic way, and address your fears if you feel scared shitless.

Pregnancy Portal:

This is for the pregnant mamas, women who are trying to conceive, or thinking about pregnancy. Lessons include: Pregnancy Discrimination rights, Pregnancy Accommodation rights, Interviewing While Pregnant, Announcing your Pregnancy (get our scripts!), and your Rights during Fertility Treatments.

Parental Leave Portal:

This portal is for ALL parents: mothers, fathers, adoptive, foster, same-sex. Learn about your leave rights and the benefits and protections you are entitled to during those leaves. Get clear answers (finally!) on how much time you’re actually entitled to, and how to address any interference with your leave rights.

Back-to-Work Portal:

Is your leave coming to an end? Then you will love this portal which is all about your re-entry plan. Lessons include: postpartum accommodations rights (including PPD/PPA), reinstatement rights, lactation rights, intermittent leave rights, and what to do when you’re just not ready. We have a script for that too.

Equal Pay Portal:

These are the rights we want ALL professional women to know. We cover general gender discrimination rights, equal pay rights, getting paid your worth (scripts weehoow!), employer excuses, and addressing pay secrecy policies. Get educated, tell your friends, and let’s get all women paid their worth.

You will get access to our entire content library to-date.

 The library will be constantly expanding with new topics and content, including on-demand!

New bonuses will continue to be added, including upon request

When a new law passes, you will be the first to know. Bonuses include:

As an established trial attorney, Daphne has recovered millions of dollars for her clients.

For the first time, a trial lawyer of this caliber is sharing all of her expertise to the public, without sending anyone an attorney bill.

You receive access to all of Daphne’s secrets and strategies, as well as countless hours of her extremely valuable work product. If you can take 2-3 more months paid time off with your baby or to care for your health, what is the value of that ? What is the value of you not losing your job? What is the value of giving your children a happy and supported parent? What is the value of finally receiving the raise you are owed?

Enrollment is currently closed. Next Enrollment: October 3, 2022

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Client Results

My job’s legal department who apologized and reassured me that my job would be there once I go back Beverly

Like many working moms, I rely on school for childcare. Once the schools closed due to COVID-19, my heart dropped and I immediately thought about how this would affect me at work. Sure enough, my HR department initially gave me a hard time and told me I was laid off and my job would not be guaranteed to be there once I went back. Thank goodness I consulted with Daphne. She gave me advice on how to communicate with management. The next day I was contacted back by my job’s legal department who apologized and reassured me that my job would be there once I go back. NEVER GIVE UP!”

As a result of Daphne’s resources and our due diligence, my husband’s request for parental leave was approved and effective immediately. Ali

I work full time in senior management in community development finance; my husband does full-time land use law; we have a baby. Like many others, we are resilient but exhausted. We recently decided that my husband should explore utilizing his leave rights. My husband used Daphne’s information to prepare for a conversation with HR, prior to a meeting with his boss to make the request. It turned out that he was the first employee at the organization to request it, and they shared appreciation of his knowledge of the topic. As a result of Daphne’s resources and our due diligence, my husband’s request was approved and effective immediately. As a result of my husband being able to take on more child care right now, I can focus on my work during a critical time, providing subsidized financing for affordable housing and small business. Thank you for your work!

Daphne educating us on our rights and helping us educate our employers is truly eye-opening. Jessie

Thank you for being an advocate for parents. Thank you so much for the very informative and empowering information. Often working women are afraid to ask for a leave or an accommodation in fear of being seen as unproductive or inflexible. We bear the burden of having to remain productive, even if that means working through the night. You educating us on our rights and helping us educate our employers is truly eye-opening. I am sharing this information with many parents.

Finding you has allowed me to confidently know my rights, and not feel guilty when I choose myself and family first. April

thanks to you and the work you do, I am able to focus on what matters most... family health, my health, and safety. I LOVE my job, but my coworkers or boss will not be the ones at my bedside when my time is up, my family will, and this is where I need to invest my efforts and energy with the biggest ROI. Finding you has allowed me to confidently know my rights, and not feel guilty when I choose myself and family first. Also thanks to you, the added fear and anxiety about money no longer lurks in my spinning head. You posted or shared another mama's thoughts, that I refuse to come out of this pandemic, exhausted, stressed, and not my full self. I am my full self during these weird times, and want to thank you again for the work that you do!

    “Thanks for all your info as you’ve so far saved our family! Thanks to your help I was able to keep my job and healthcare while tending to my kids.”


    “I want to thank you deeply for all that you do! I was empowered and today I received the yes!!! I will be off for 12 extra paid weeks after pregnancy disability leave. Then I will take the 12 weeks bonding with baby 🙂 Success!”


    “I’m a huge fan of yours! What you do is so appreciated and has already helped me a ton! You answered more of my questions about leave rights than my employer was able to!”



    Trial Attorney Daphne

    I know being a working woman is hard. Before I was a lawyer, I maneuvered my career around many incidents of gender discrimination and harassment. Then once I was an attorney, I received daily questions from my clients about their rights. Almost all of these calls came from women, and almost all of these calls concluded with these women saying, “I wish someone would have told me this sooner. It could have prevented a lot of problems.”

    On my journey to motherhood, my eyes were opened to a new myriad of challenges. Information about maternity regulations was not easy to find or understand. Once I gave birth, I learned how important it was for my sacred time with my baby to be protected. And when I returned to work, I learned how important it was to be accommodated as a mother.

    In the midst of it all, it became my mission to create a resource for working women and mothers, and share my knowledge with the world.

    I created what I needed for myself. For every mother I have educated, her baby spent another couple of months on her chest, and more money came into her bank account. This became my life’s mission.

    Moms are not taking the maternity leave they are entitled to, are not requesting any accommodations, or return to lesser jobs than before they left on leave. WHY IS THAT? She either doesn’t know her rights, has been misinformed by her employer, is afraid to lose her job, or can’t afford to take more time off. Let’s change that, together.

    The Academy provides

    Trusted information to coach women on their rights.

    Much to the disdain of other lawyers who charge hourly for this information, I decided to make everything available for an affordable price. I’m a bit of a rebel that way. The content is also easy-to-digest, woman-to-woman, and judgment-free. I’m envisioning a movement where women are empowered about their rights so they can successfully excel at their careers without compromising quality time at home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    NO! The Academy allows you to cancel at any time. We don’t recommend it, because the law changes every year. We want to be able to provide legal updates and we can only do that through a membership. If you opt out of the membership, your information risks becoming outdated. You will also receive new materials and have access to group sessions and camaraderie. Once you cancel, you will be removed from the groups. Because we allow you to cancel at any time, we do not allow for refunds.

    There are many other programs supporting parents in parental leave transitions, but none of them are offered by an actual employment lawyer. This can be reckless because, though well-intended, non-lawyers tend to give wrong legal advice. We have seen many women lose out on time off with their babies due to a misleading program. Often, these programs do not address the legal side at all, and just send you back to your employer.

    Because your employer is not the best source, and may not know. The law is complex and much more comprehensive than people think. We’ve yet to meet a manager who was able to perform their day-to-day functions and ALSO keep track of all employment laws AND know how to apply them. Employers may also provide you with misleading information. For example, employers have no duty to educate you on your leave rights. They may offer you a different leave that is less time. It is then up to you to know how to request the right type of leave. The law expects you, as an employee, to request your rights.

    The information will not be tailored to you. For example, the EEOC will not reflect any of your state rights, and is inherently incomplete and you will miss out on a lot of information. They also do not teach you how to actually use the rights or frame a request in a strategic way.

    Other state-based websites like EDD or DFEH are also not reliable.

    The EDD is not where your rights come from, it is only where your benefits come from. For example, PFL (paid family leave) is not a paid family leave program. Wait… what? How confusing is that? Yes. It is only a wage replacement program. The actual time off law is called the CFRA. So if you are going to request PFL, you are actually not asking for the correct time off, and may be losing out on time off with your baby.

    The DFEH is a reliable source, but it is incomplete. It is a government website and does not provide a full overview of all of your leave rights and how to actually work with them. The government is not your ally. It is not invested in your success. You need a true advocate that is trained in the law to walk you through this journey. An advocate who WANTS you to succeed both at home and at work.

    Through this program, you are not hiring Ms. Delvaux as your lawyer. This is an educational program and Ms. Delvaux cannot give you legal advice. If you need legal representation, please click here.

    I have made so much information about our rights free and accessible for all. It will always remain this way, because I believe access to legal education should be available to all, regardless of income levels. In the Academy, we take this information to the next level and I actively teach you how to advocate for yourself. Knowing your rights is one thing, but knowing how to actually use your rights is the real pro-level. My blog and social media platforms are also limited. The format of these forums does not allow me to explain this information in the most digestible way. The law is complicated, and The Academy consolidates all of my knowledge that I have acquired over 10 years in a way that my other channels are unable to do. If you want to have access to the most up-to-date information and the HOW, you must join the Academy.

    No, though we heavily cover mothers’ rights. When women become pregnant, they are often confronted with their rights for the first time. They have to figure out their maternity leave rights, secure their jobs and protect their professional goals. There was a real need for women to receive specific legal support through the journey of pregnancy, maternity leave and return-to-work and the Academy fills that gap. However, the Academy also includes legal education for non-birthing partners, and women without children.

    We also highly encourage those considering to have children in the future to join the Academy. You will know what to expect and how to plan ahead in your career. This will give you a competitive advantage.

    The program is intended to be inclusive of all who need the information, regardless of gender identity or circumstances.

    We can all get a bit stuck in the employee v. employer duality. We will admit that, as employee-side lawyers, it can feel easy to vilify “employers.” But what is an employer? A group of employees! Even managers and HR staff. They are employees too. So while we will talk about your “employer” as an opposing force, it is often just a select group of owners, or maybe one mean boss, a clueless HR rep or even just company culture. It is true that employees are often met with resistance by their managers, but it is possible for these employees to educate their own managers and turn them around. This is what the true magic of joining the Mamattorney Academy is all about. You will become THE trusted source on workplace rights. And when you have the law in your pocket, you will be extremely powerful.

    It covers all states!!! We will explain your rights regardless of where you live. It is has a heavy and comprehensive California section because California’s legal landscape is unique and offers more protections than other states. But if you live in another state, we will also teach you how to maximize your rights and you will likely learn rights you did not know you had. There are also many general sections that apply to all workers in the US, such as equal pay, pregnancy discrimination, back-to-work rights, and more. Our advocacy portal also contains general information that applies to anyone working on a professional context, including effective HR communications, reporting misconduct, and investigations. Even if you don’t live in the US, you can join our campfires for community support and benefit from our self-advocacy portal where we teach you how to own your HELL NO and set healthy boundaries at work. The Academy has what you need, regardless of where you live. It is specifically designed to be accessible to ALL and meet you where you are.


    "I asked and a few days later I got my approval!"

    I was scared to ask for a leave of absence. I am working from home with young kids. I knew I had to ask or mentally lose it. I came across Daphne’s educational webinar. I felt so validated. I asked and a few days later I got my approval!”



    "HR sent me an email indicating I qualify and was granted time off."

    Thanks to Daphne’s help I built the courage to message my HR and ask for my rights. I am happy to report that my HR sent me an email indicating I qualify and was granted time off. Thank you for all you do! I mean being a working mom in itself is hard work let alone during this time. It takes a village! You are now part of my village. Thank you! 



    "I finally feel empowered to start planning everything out."

    I am SO THANKFUL I came across your page. I’ve been struggling and discouraged trying to figure out the logistics for the rest of my pregnancy and maternity leave and your posts and articles have been so encouraging. The information you provide is easy to understand and laid out nicely that I finally feel empowered to start planning everything out. Thank you so much for sharing.



    "Thank you so much for posting the resources you have."

    They have been so empowering and meaningful. As a mom to young children with plans of law school & beyond in the future, your work is incredibly inspiring. So, thank you.


    Enrollment is currently closed. Next Enrollment: October 3, 2022

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