You did it!


Welcome to the Movement. The Academy will make you a true powerhouse at work.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Head to your email inbox and be on the lookout for an email with more detailed instructions.
2. Be sure to save the email address to your contacts so you don’t miss a message.

3. Remember to breathe. We will be talking about the law. This is high-level complex stuff that we will be breaking down in digestible pieces. At times, this may feel like a dense course. We know you are busy. We know you are tired. We have made it as straightforward as possible to minimize overwhelm. Everyone can become a legal master. All I request of you is your willingness to learn and empower yourself. We will take care of the rest.

4. Head over to our community group so we can get to know each other. Don’t forget to introduce yourself!
Please participate in the community as this will be a space for you to exhale and experience some lightness. You may freely post jokes and memes! And your feelings of overwhelm and exhaustion are welcome too.

I’m so eager to learn more about you and to help you achieve your definition of success.